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New Single "Sticky Pulp" +

Album " Electric Diversity"


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Sticky Pulp

Kheil Stone Remix

Born in Jamaica, Kheil Stone lives and works as a producer in New York City’s Bronx, and mixes dancehall beats with reggae vocals. A classic 808 bass line, hip hop beat elements and everything sped up some bpms faster, make the track work on the dance floor. This remix gives the song a new drive, not only thanks to the many details of unusual sound effects of the beats, but because an entirely new song emerges that matches perfectly with Warrior Singhateh’s vocals.

Sticky Pulp

T-Ray Remix

T-Ray takes the style of the song back to its roots and creates an authentic reggae backing under Warrior Singhateh’s vocals. Dub bass sounds combined with a reggae organ transport you to the beaches of Jamaica right away. It’s a small spa treatment for the song that allows the musical roots of Warrior Singhateh to shine.

“Sticky Pulp” is an unconventional mix of dancehall reggae and electronic sounds. A groovy bass line is the driving force behind the track, coupled with a dancehall drumbeat, which you’d expect to come from a drum machine, but was actually performed by human hands. Together with electronic sounds, this drum & bass sound forms the basis for the reggae vocals by Warrior Singhateh.


“Girl, I wanna tell you something, that you don´t know, you´re the number one girl ina the hole town“ forms a mantra, accompanying the listener through the entire song.

The song tells the story of a friend of Warrior Singhateh, who falls head over heels for a girl but doesn’t dare to approach her. Eventually he musters the courage to reveal his love for her. At first, she shows him the cold shoulder: “Ya hear me, don´t follow me!” However, he doesn’t give up and keeps showing her how serious he is. Finally, she chooses him and the story gets a happy ending!


This story is just an example of how important it is to take a step towards each other and to talk about our feelings. That is something many of us struggle with, and it takes a lot of courage to open up to someone. We all know the situation and how it feels when you confess your love to someone, and then get rejected. But how would you know what somebody really feels, or what you feel for each other, if you don’t talk about it?


The entire tack was produced with Ableton Live, and all instruments were played by Sorian besides the drums, played by Klaudiusz Zylinski.


“Sticky Pulp” is a groovy earworm that makes you want to hit the dance floor.