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With music, you can transport more than just sound!

A look behind the scenes reveals the fascinating story behind this song, a story that a refugee from the Gambia and a German musician and producer want to share.


Warrior Singhateh came to Germany as political refugee. As fate would have it, he met Florian Schmid, the music creator behind the artist name Sorian Flydd. Right away it became clear that their creative heads were on the same wavelength.


Today we see too many headlines to negative reports on what refugees are up to in our country. But we hardly find articles on amazing projects of the people who come to us.


And that is precisely what Sorian Flydd and Warrior Singhateh want to change by telling their story: how our culture can become more diverse, more colourful through the culture of other people, and how everyone can profit from working together.


With their message they want to reach as many people as possible, who walk through the world with their eyes open. Of course they want to knock your socks off with their song, but they also want to encourage their listeners to come together and create something, something that will be bigger and more powerful than what each of us can do alone.


With music, you can transport more than just sound!

Sorian Flydd - Music-Creator

What does the title melody of Liselotte Pulver’s movie “I often think of Piroschka” from 1955 have to do with electronic dance music? And what has tango to do with crossover/hardcore? At first – nothing!


And yet, all of is part of Sorian Flydd’s sound.

Growing up in the 90s, he rocked various concert stages with his garage band, consisting of schoolmates. He continued to study music, and countless performances with the tango group “Las Sombras” were part of his musical career. In 2008 he discovered the talented pop singer Linda Tang; together they recorded an album and EP, with Sorian as bassist and producer.


Striking out in a new sonic direction – that is what musicians aim for, and it’s always been a goal for Sorian. “Finally, something I dig is coming out of the speakers!” To discover new horizons and create new soundscapes for open-minded listeners was the self-set objective for the debut album “Electric Diversity”, which will be released this summer.


Diversity is the motto and Sorian’s tracks are anything but predictable. Anybody ready to engage with the mix of styles and his individual sound will realize something developing that can quickly turn you into a repeat offender on the PLAY button!


Who still wants to know what Sorian has to do with “Piroschka”, may ask him personally via sorianflydd@gmail.com!

Warrior Singhateh - Reggae Singer

Every country has its culture and traditions, and his native country the Gambia has the tradition of griots – storytellers. Warrior Singhateh is not a griot of the old tradition, but a modern reggae singer, expressing his personal experiences in texts he wants to share to tell his stories. Modern rock and pop music have always been shaped by remarkable voices, and Warrior Singhateh has such a remarkable voice that fascinates directly, without beating around the bush. His way of treating words and notes is captivating, his music is an expression of his own life.


In life, you have to seize the opportunities as they arise! To escape the poverty and crime in his environment in the Gambia, Yaya voluntarily entered the military service. That provided him with the opportunity to learn something and give his life a new perspective. This is also the origin of his artist name “Warrior Singhateh”, while warrior doesn’t mean combatant, but a warrior in the mental sense. A fighter for a free life, for the opportunities you can get in life, and to be a warrior role model for others!


In his songs, Warrior Singhateh deals with topics like education, how important it is to prepare the young generation for their life, or what kind of role models people need. But his main theme is #unification – the unification between people. To take a step towards each other, to come together and listen in order to understand each other, is always better than to distance yourself and eventually feel hostile towards each other.